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Jan 19, 2018


History of Talisker Distillery

The white buildings and twin pagoda-heads of Talisker distillery sits in a huddle on the green shore just by the water of Loch Harport in Carbost. Back in time it was practically cut off from the rest of the Isle of Skye by the ridge of the black mountains called Cuillin Hills, it even had its own coins which the workers could ‘spend’ for food and other necessities.

Due to a fire in the stillhouse in 1960 only the manager’s house, offices and warehouses remains from the old distillery. It is believed spirit trickled out of a still through a brass valve onto a coal fire below. Two years later exact copies of the five stills were once again producing the unique flavour of Talisker. This time however the stills were fitted with internal steam coils. A unique feature at Talisker are the lyne arms that soar in a giant U-bend before they plunge into the wooden worm tubs of cold water, resulting in a purer spirit. In the mid-seventies Talisker began to buy their malt from central maltsters. Some of the whisky goes into blends like the Johnnie Walker and White Horse. The official single malt bottlings include the 10 year-old single malt in the ‘Six Classic Malts’ collection from Diageo.

Sample of a Talisker Distillery Tour and optional events

We will be organising tours of the Isle of Skye with a difference.

Within the tour we will be offering the following options:

1) Exclusive tour of Talisker Distillery with special nosing/tastings

2) Option to play golf at the Skeabost house hotel 9 hole course and stay the night at this famous hotel

3) Option to join Ian Stewart of Skye Angling Guide for some sea-trout/ salmon fishing

4) Option to join team at Isle of Skye's own brewery to taste their excellent real ale brews and hopefully buy some at their shop in Uig!.

5) Two day stay at a local hotel with a whisky theme and tutored tasting by Alan.

The combinations are varied and unique as you can see from the links provided.

This tour will be developed for you.  Watch this space and the news page update over the coming months.

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