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Feb 18, 2018

Sample Projects

SAMPLE - Corporate Whisky Tastings

Corporate Teambuilding Event - "Spirit of Teamwork"©


Company XY have regular quarterly management/team get-togethers/awaydays which can feature external speakers. The Company identified a need to improve their "people" commitment and alignment and , in particular, their team dynamics.  They are looking at new and innovative ways to improve team performance.


The "Spirit of Teamwork" © module explores the relationship of each individual in the team and highlights the value of  individual characteristics to the team and the limitations to the team of a lack of understanding of the value of diversity within a team. The diversity of malt whisky is used in a very dynamic, non-threatening and fun way to explore these issues. The module looks to improve individual alignment and commitment to your business and will explore how this will add to the "bottom line". The event will include nosing/tasting of a variety of " whisky spirit"  and will link the diversity of malts to the diversity of your people in a most unique way.


SAMPLE - Private Whisky Tastings

Why not embark on a tour of discovery on the wonderful Isle of Skye.

We will organise your trip to The Isle of Skye which will include a guided walk on the island (perhaps to the "hidden loch" with Ian Stewart at and / or a visit to The Isle of Skye brewery to sample their finest brews from the "Misty Isle" ?

You will visit Talisker Distilllery and sample their wonderful whiskies on a special tour combined with some salmon/trout fishing or a Brewery visit maybe with some whisky ale?

You will be looked after at a wonderful Isle of Skye hotel where dinner will be followed by a private whisky tasting by Alan where we will compare the array of malts on offer from all regions of Scotland with the local spirit.

Please keep an eye on our news pages for full details of planned trips to the Isle of Skye.

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