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Feb 18, 2018

Corporate Whisky Tastings

       "The Spirit of Teamwork"©

Alan provides a unique insight into how you can improve and develop team "spirit" through his extensive experience in People Development and his passion for malt whisky. How can he help? Give him a ring or email is the easiest step you can take to provide your team with a unique experience they will remember, talk about, and help them to see what they can do to help your business develop.

Alan's offering will be bespoke to your needs and requirements and will not be an "off the shelf" package on "Teamworking" etc. It really is unique! There are two options for you to consider.

Option 1) Alan offers a flat rate fee for delivery of "The Spirit of Teamwork"© session. This can be a full or half day event and can be held at your premises or alternative venue of your choice, maybe as part of your annual conference agenda or business away-day agenda? The fee will be a negotiated fixed fee dependent on numbers attending and number of sessions required and will be inclusive of cost of whisky. Additional costs will include travel expenses (only if this is more than a fifty mile radius of Edinburgh) and cost of venue hire (if required).

Option 2) We can organise a fun whisky tasting event as part of your business agenda, without the "The Spirit of Teamwork" © module such as a pre / post dinner session on whisky nosing / tasting. This type of event would be structured on an hourly charging rate plus cost of whisky and travelling expenses (on the same basis as above). Within this package are three choices, providing you with a different quality of whisky, namely:

One very important factor in this is that you do not need to drink malt whisky to enjoy the experience as nosing is a key part of the fun. We can also add food to the event as Alan does a very interesting match with the malts and some foods ! This will ensure that everyone on your team participates whether whisky drinkers or not !

Did you know that research shows that females are much better than males in the nosing department...competition already !!

If you want to find out more please Contact Us. You can be assured of an event to remember !

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